...The Melancholy Tale of the Unfortunate Mr. Gayhart...

...somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert...

6 March 1989
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Hunter S. Thompson


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Date Created:2004-05-31
Number of Posts: 547

A strange hybrid, created by remnants of the acid culture and the fantastic lack of morality in modern day society, Alex manages to shock and shock again. Over emotional, prone to addiction, and just not that cool of a guy. However, he tries to live on just the same.
Strengths: Insanity, Large, Uber awesome hair, Ink pen skills, comedy, nothing else
Weaknesses: Suffers from Asperger's syndrome, overweight, pisces, dependent upon the support of others, loneliness
Special Skills: Drawing, Can split into nearly 50 different personalities, can sound like Hunter S. Thompson
Weapons: Ink pen, katana, lightsaber
Level of Lightsaber Proficiency: 87%

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